Recipe: Yummy Singaporean curry served with rice, spaghetti and mayo sauce😊


Singaporean curry served with rice, spaghetti and mayo sauce😊. Hello Friends, Our new video is released about Singaporean Rice with an easy and quick recipe. We explained how to make Singaporean rice in two different ways with chicken noodles and mayo sauce. The traditional Hainanese curry rice consists of braised/fried pork, braised cabbage/ chap chye and of course, loads of curry.

Singaporean curry served with rice, spaghetti and mayo sauce😊 Singaporean laksa uses a coconut curry broth that is complex, fragrant, and just the right amount of richness. Seafood stock is the base of the broth There are many types of laksa across Malaysia and Singapore, but this version enriched with coconut milk is the one common in Singapore and is also. The curry served alongside is darker and sharper than your average Malaysian roti canai dipping sauce. You can cook Singaporean curry served with rice, spaghetti and mayo sauce😊 using 15 ingredients and 15 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Singaporean curry served with rice, spaghetti and mayo sauce😊

  1. Prepare of Chicken boneless (1 kg).
  2. Prepare of Oil (1/2 cup).
  3. You need of Garlic paste (2 tbsp).
  4. It's of Soya sauce (1 tbsp).
  5. You need of Vinegar (1 tsp).
  6. It's of Hot sauce (1 tsp).
  7. Prepare of Salt (1 tsp).
  8. It's of Red crushed chilli (1 tsp).
  9. You need of Black pepper (1 tsp).
  10. You need of Ketchup (1 cup).
  11. You need of Water (1/2 cup).
  12. It's of Vegetables (bell peppers, spring onion, onion, cabbage all cut).
  13. Prepare of Boiled rice.
  14. Prepare of Boiled spaghetti.
  15. It's of Mayonnaise (4 tbsp).

Hainan curry rice is a Singaporean specialty, usually served with a pork chop, chicken, crisp, or fried pork, and a side of preserved cabbage. Tasty Singaporean Rice Recipe Already we shared Singaporean Rice Recipe in Urdu and everybody loved it. This dish is made up of layers of rice, spaghetti, chicken and mayonnaise sauce. Now try this tasty Singaporean Rice Recipe and I hope you will love this recipe.

Singaporean curry served with rice, spaghetti and mayo sauce😊 step by step

  1. Collect all the ingredients..
  2. Heat oil in pan, now add garlic and mix well..
  3. Add chicken now..
  4. Cook until on low flame when white mix well..
  5. Now add spices and mix well..
  6. Now add ketchup, mix well and add 1/2 cup water and cook on low flame when chicken is tender add corn flour and make sauce a little thick.. not too much..
  7. Little thick sauce..
  8. For the mayo sauce..
  9. Mix mayonnaise with salt, black pepper, hot sauce and mix well..
  10. Now add ketchup and mix well..
  11. Mix. The color should be pastel..
  12. Stir fry the veggies..
  13. Add chicken sauce and mix well..
  14. Like this..
  15. Serve with rice, mayo sauce and boiled spaghetti. I did not have enough time to cook spaghetti... sorry 🙄.

This Singaporean classic is given an Aussie makeoever and an umami hit at the same time with the addition of Vegemite. "The Singapore Sling has always been synonymous with Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Made of gin, cherry brandy and Bénédictine with a dash of bitters and Cointreau. Singaporeans love Japanese food, no matter if it's Sashimi, Ramen or curry. Japanese curry is famous for it's spicy yet slightly sweet taste. It's amazingly tasty and the level of spiciness is Popular for their signature deep and dark sauce, Monster Curry has a flavourful and thick curry taste served.

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