Recipe: Appetizing Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos

February 01, 2020

Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos. How To Make Chocolate Covered Oreos Chocolate Covered Strawberries Letter Box Winnie The Pooh. Delicious Chocolate covered Oreos Cookies with Halloween themed handmade edible decoration!

Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos Lollipops and chocolate covered Oreos are made from only the highest quality chocolate, and can be produced in an assortment of colors/themes! Everyone loves oreos and this recipe is so simple. I bet the kids will even enjoy helping you decorate these cookies. You can cook Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos

  1. You need 13 of oreos.
  2. Prepare 100 g of Black candy melts.
  3. You need 100 g of Bright White `Candy Melts.
  4. You need 100 g of Orange Cnady melts.
  5. It's 50 g of Dark Chocolate.
  6. It's 100 g of White Chocolate.
  7. Prepare of Halloween Sprinkles.
  8. Prepare of Candy eyes.

This would be perfect for Halloween parties or class parties. It helps the chocolate set much more quickly in the fridge. Halloween Stencil for chocolate covered Oreos, Cookie Stencil, Schablone. Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos. **I forgot to say on the video to remove transfer sheets with a scribe or a knife.

Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos step by step

  1. Melt the white candy melts with half the white chocolate, melt the orange candy melts with the other half of the white chocolate and melt the black candy melts with the dark chocolate.. Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
  2. Using a chocolate Oreo mould, add a little of each colour chocolate to the base of each hole, add an Oreo to each and cover with more of the same chocolate. Allow to set in the fridge for around 20 mins. Un mould then repeat.. Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
    Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
  3. Decorate 2 of the orange chocolate Oreos with Jack O Lantern faces using some of the black chocolate. Then decorate the other 2 orange ones with a drizzle of black chocolate and black halloween sprinkles.. Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
    Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
  4. Decorate 2 of the white chocolate Oreos with skeleton faces using black chocolate. Decorate the other 2 white chocolate Oreos with two candy eyes each and a drizzle of white chocolate in all directions to make a mummy face.. Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
    Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
  5. Decorate two of the black chocolate Oreos, sticking on two candy eyes of each. Then split and break the last Oreo into quarters and stick these only the side of the chocolate Oreo with more black chocolate to the make the bat wings. Finish the last two black chocolate Oreos with a drizzle of orange chocolate and orange halloween sprinkles.. Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos
    Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos

It's clearly shown, but I just Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos. What you need: Orange and black chocolate Oreo cookies Toothpick Pumpkin mold First melt the. Ghost Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Halloween Oreos. Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels are an easy treat to make and enjoy with the kids. Make bats, Frankenstein, mummies, pumpkins, monsters, or all!

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