Recipe: Perfect Quick Strawberry Cream Dessert

Quick Strawberry Cream Dessert. Klondike® Frosted Strawberry Donut Has a Chocolatey Coating, Drizzle & Rainbow Sprinkles. Is it a Donut or an Ice Cream Bar? Try One & We'll Let Your Taste Buds Decide!

Quick Strawberry Cream Dessert What is not to love about a dessert filled with fruit, dairy, bread and booze? Spread evenly over crust in pan. This traditional Italian dessert starts with a custard that Chef John deems is "rich but impossibly light," with egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine in the mix. (Note: Since there are eggs in this no-bake strawberry dessert, you will need your stove—but not your oven.) Layer that luscious mix over a bed of macerated berries and your final course is ready to devour. You can cook Quick Strawberry Cream Dessert using 4 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Quick Strawberry Cream Dessert

  1. Prepare 2 packets of fresh strawberries.
  2. Prepare 1 packet of fresh cream (I took the normal fresh cream).
  3. It's 100 gm of powdered sugar.
  4. It's Pinch of pink colour.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl, beat cream cheese and confectioners' sugar until smooth. In a large bowl, dissolve gelatin in boiling water. It's basically strawberries and cream taken up a notch! If you're looking for a super simple, last-minute idea for dessert for Valentine's Day, this Strawberry Fool is one of the easiest strawberry desserts you could make.

Quick Strawberry Cream Dessert step by step

  1. Puree one and half packet of strawberries in a mixer and add 5 spoons of powdered sugar, keep aside.
  2. Add sugar as per taste to the cream and whisk the cream till frothy.
  3. Add a pinch of pink colour to the whisked cream and then add half of strawberry puree in the cream, give it another quick whisk (Please note that the cream should be chilled and shouldn't be whisked for more than 5 mins, otherwise butter will be formed).
  4. Cut the remaining 4 to 5 strawberries into small pieces and add it to the cream.
  5. Pour the left over puree in the 5 glasses (say around 2 to 3 spoons of puree per glass), add whisked cream on top then decorate it with fresh strawberry and drops of pureed strawberry on the top.
  6. Freeze these for 2-3 hours and then serve chilled.

I thought I would bump this recipe back up to the top and re. This sweet berry dessert makes an especially pretty final course in the spring. Consider this your bucket list for strawberry desserts. The logomark and logotype for the Kitchn brand. Whip the cream until very thick.

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